Practical innovations for drywall construction and interior design

Formteilbau Schmitt GmbH & Co. KG develops innovative molded parts for drywall construction and interior design, which are patented throughout Europe. The product range of the medium-sized company, which is produced on state-of-the-art equipment exclusively at its own plant in Karsbach in Lower Franconia, includes prefabricated molded parts with integrated profiles. They are used for the execution of window and door reveals, as well as for the cladding of columns and wall projections. At the same time, the integrated profiles ensure clean edge formation. The millimeter-precise prefabrication of the molded parts made of gypsum boards, gypsum fiber boards and drywall boards ensures simple as well as fast and thus economical processing.


Any challenge:

needs a solution

We present our innovative new products that offer you the highest quality and performance. By using the latest technologies & materials, we set new standards in the industry. Discover this groundbreaking innovation and experience how it makes everyday life easier.


Gypsum (fiber) board molding with integrated edge protection profile

These are precisely fitting prefabricated elements with 90° V-milling and an integrated edge protection profile. The element can be used to precisely enclose free-standing pillars and visibly laid cables, as well as to install window and door reveals in the shortest possible time.

Molding with a integrated movement joint profile

These precision-fit, prefabricated elements are the perfect solution for flexible adjustment to angles of 1 - 180° when installing in walls, ceilings and facing shells, making installation and removal much easier.

Element with integrated pvc input profile

Prefabricated elements for lining lintel and reveal surfaces of doors and windows. The mounting adhesive can be applied effortlessly from the room side between the PlateFix reveal element and thanks to the 45-degree bevel of the plastering profile.

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